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Hearing Aids for Retirees Dependents

July 21, 2017   A provision in last year's National Defense Authorization Act gave DoD...
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Richard Grunner USA BG

BG Richard Gruner, Army
Director (Army), Veterans Memorial Operating Committee - Liaison & Past Chapter President

Richard started out as a 2LT in the Active Army for two years, serving another 28 years in the ARNG.  First, he went through the "chairs" of tank company leadership (deactivating the company in August 1963, with the ROAD reorganization of the Army, and then he was assigned as Assistant S-4 3d Brigade, 4th ID when he was promoted to 1LT.

His active service covered the Berlin build-up, followed by the Cuban Missile Crisis, then a Korean CPX, and assignment as UN peacekeepers on Cypress (which was cancelled as their first plane lifted off from McChord AFB).  As he returned to graduate school, he joined the Washington Army National Guard because he had worked with its Tank Battalion officers, while on active duty.

During his next 28 years, he had 3 additional years active duty as a Guardsman and deployed to Germany, Korea twice, and the US Southwest border. He participated in Delta Force planning for a response to Iranian aggression (he had been in the Pentagon War Room when the news came of the Iranian Rescue failure, and saw the Ops Center come alive as the Sec Def was in the elevator.)
He graduated from U.S. Army C&GSC, the Army War College, and attended the National Defense University in Washington, D.C.  He had several periods of Emergency State Duty, covering riots, earthquake, flood, wildfire, and agricultural pest infestation.  He had over 16 years in command positions, and his total count of drill days and active duty totaled over 13 years, at retirement. His assignments are listed in his MOAA Connect bio, but he thinks the best things that summarize his career are:
Our collective Cold War service brought about the collapse of the East German regime, bringing freedom to his distant cousins in Thuringia, Germany, whom he finally met during a recent trip to East Germany.
Our Guard troops were well-trained enforcers of order when on state emergency duty. And their conduct neither injured civilians or property.

He was selected for a minor role on Governor Ronald Reagan's security team during his first run for Presidential nomination.

As a brigade commander, he was the first to deploy an ARNG battalion overseas for training in Korea.
While attached to 8th Army, he had a significant role in planning/executing the first "free-maneuver" Team Spirit Exercise.  There was minimal property damage and loss of life, and the success of the exercise helped insure the security of the 1988 Olympic Games.

As regional ARNG Military Academy Commandant, he supervised the training of over 300 new lieutenants who led our troops during the 1st Gulf War, and many stayed on to become battalion commanders or staff officers during the War on Terror.

He managed the successful accreditation of the National Interagency Counter-Narcotics Institute for National Guard Bureau.

As Post Commander, he helped supervise the mobilization of almost 1,000 reservists for deployment in the 1st Gulf War.

He spent an average of 125 days yearly, while serving as a National Guardsman (drill time, plus Annual Training, plus special assignments, schools, and conferences), raising 4 children, earning a Masters degree, and completing a successful career as a secondary education professional concurrently.

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